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Improve patient experience with the

Gertie Marx® needle.

As quality of care and patient experience continue to expand as key metrics for success within medical institutions, post-dural puncture headache (PDPH) continues to impact customer experience. Patients and medical institutions expect a better experience. IMD Spinal needles offer a simple and effective way to dramatically reduce PDPH.

Proven to dramatically reduce PDPH.

Engineered to provide increased precision, tactile control and enhanced feedback, the Gertie Marx needle dramatically reduces the risk of PDPH. The unique “pop” of the Gertie Marx needle penetrating the dura also sets the standard for improving first time results in teaching environments.


IMD is proud to offer products that have been proven to be extremely effective at reducing PDPH.

Improved outcomes at your fingertips.

For more than 30 years, IMD has worked hand in hand with doctors across the globe, continually improving our needle design. Studies confirm the Gertie Marx® atraumatic needle has a very low < 1% occurrence of PDPH when administered with proper technique.


IMD offers the most comprehensive range of needles available today ensuring physicians have access to the right needle for every patient. We offer spinal needles from 22G to 27G with lengths ranging from 50mm/2″ to 215mm/8.5″.


"… The evidence that atraumatic spinal needles cause fewer PDPH’s is so convincing that both the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) and the American Academy of Neurology have published statements encouraging the replacement of cutting needles with atraumatic spinal needles..."


                                                               Read more at the Mayo Clinic >

 "… The use of non-cutting or pencil-point spinal needles should become the standard for performing diagnostic lumbar puncture..."


                                                               Read more Clinical Studies >

Superior design offers greater precision and control.


Why use a Gertie Marx® needle?

The Gertie Marx needle was introduced with a atraumatic design that was designed to separate rather than punch holes in dural fibers. The atraumatic tip creates a distinctive pop when the dura is punctured, inspiring confidence and higher success rates in teaching environments.


Extensive research and studies confirm a dramatic reduction in the occurrence of post dural puncture headaches. At the time of the needle’s introduction 30 years ago, post-dural puncture headaches occurrence rates were ~30%. Using the Gertie Marx needle, PDPH occurrence rates can be reduced to less than 1% with proper application and technique.


IMD offers the widest range of spinal needles available anywhere. Whether working in pediatrics or with morbidly obese patients, we offer the ideal size and gauge for any application.

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