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Anatomy of the Gertie Marx Spinal Needle

Not all spinal needles are created equally. There are a number of reasons why the Gertie Marx atraumatic spinal needle outperforms its competitors.

One of the most impressive features of the Gertie Marx needle is its patented tip. They are designed to fit perfectly in the subarachnoid space. The Gertie Marx tip creates a very distinct “pop” when the dura is punctured. Due to this design, the Gertie Marx needle is the only needle on the market that reduces the occurrence of PDPH to less than 1%.

The Gertie Marx Needle is offered in the largest variety of spinal needle sizes on the market, ranging in widths from 22G to 27G and in lengths from 50mm to 215mm (2” to 8.5”). Whether you have a pediatric patient who needs a smaller needle or a larger patient who would benefit from the extended length, we have the size to fit them properly.

Our atraumatic needle has thin walls and is engineered to fit the dural space perfectly, allowing for fast flash of CSF to confirm needle placement.

More Unique Features of the Gertie Marx Needle

  • 2.5x magnification window on crystal clear hub

  • 360 degree rotating stylet cap that saves time when repeated withdrawal and reinsertion of stylet is required

  • Two side port indicators on the needle hub and introducer that identify the position of the eye of the needle

IMD’s spinal needles are designed to provide a simple and effective way to dramatically reduce PDPH. Contact us today for your free sterile samples to see and feel the difference.


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