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Why is Gertie Marx the Superior Atraumatic Spinal Needle?

Precision, patient care, ease of use, and fit – these are the main criteria physicians evaluate when it comes to choosing the right spinal needle. When medical professionals think of atraumatic spinal needles they often think of companies like Pencan, Sprotte, Whitacre, and Quincke, but where does the Gertie Marx needle land within that mix of spinal needle providers? The answer is quite simple: the Gertie Marx atraumatic spinal needle is superior based on all criteria measured.

Reducing the risk of post-dural puncture headaches (PDPH) is paramount to a physician’s pledge to provide optimal patient care. Evaluating spinal needles means looking into their specifications in order to determine which instruments best reduce the risk of PDPH.

Today, we break down specific reasons why Gertie Marx is a superior spinal needle amongst its competitors.

Pencan Spinal Needles vs. Gertie Marx Spinal Needles

The anatomy of a spinal needle is critically important for a physician’s ability to maintain precision and accuracy. Taking a look at the Pencan spinal needle, reveals that the side port is too far from the tip. As a result, you can be partially in and partially out of the subarachnoid space as a result. This gives less effective anesthetic action, thus offering subpar results.

Beyond the above mentioned issues, Pencan has had hundreds of FDA Adverse Event Reports filed. For example, a Pencan spinal needle broke off in a patient’s back during removal.

Sprotte Spinal Needles vs. Gertie Marx Spinal Needles

On the Sprotte spinal needle, not only is the side port is too far from the tip, but the side port is also too large. Consequently creating a situation where you can be half in and half out of the subarachnoid space. Additionally, the tip of the spinal needle is too sharp, making it far more difficult for the physician to feel the “pop” of the needle going through the dura.

The Sprotte needle has also had hundreds of incidents with the FDA. A recent Adverse Event Report cited that after drug administration to the spinal canal, the Sprotte needle hub separated from the needle and it got stuck in the patient's spine. The doctor had to pull the needle out with forceps.

Whitacre Spinal Needles vs. Gertie Marx Spinal Needles

The Whitacre spinal needle has a tip that is too sharp, which makes it difficult for physicians to feel the “pop”. In addition, the shape and size of the side port make it easier to miss the subarachnoid space altogether, creating a much more difficult to achieve a successful outcome.

In addition to these issues, the Whitacre spinal needles have had hundreds of issues with FDA Adverse Events. During a spinal anesthesia procedure in 2018, the needle snapped during insertion, possibly at the tip of the introducer needle. The needle had to be surgically removed under an x-ray guided procedure.

Quincke Spinal Needles vs. Gertie Marx Spinal Needles

The Quincke spinal needle has a cutting edge tip (as opposed to a pencil point/atraumatic spinal needle like the rest of the above mentioned needles). As a result, the tip does nothing to avoid the occurrence of PDPH. There is also a regular wall on the Quincke spinal needles, opposed to a thin wall like the Gertie Marx, making the flashback of CSF confirmation very difficult, or more time consuming, which sometimes forces the physician to have to do multiple sticks, thus increasing the chance for PDPH.

A recent Adverse Event filed with the FDA noted that during quality control testing, a Quincke spinal needle was found to not allow reinsertion of the stylet into the needle. Causing the recipient to reject the entire lot. This is just one of hundreds of issues involving Quincke spinal needles and the FDA.

Gertie Marx Atraumatic Spinal Needles

The Gertie Marx atraumatic spinal needle is the only needle on the market that is engineered to be anatomically correct, resulting in superior clinical results. Under Gertie Marx’s supervision and guidance, these needle specifications were designed to have the Gertie Marx needle fit perfectly into the subarachnoid space. These are the spinal needle physicians should be using for best clinical results for both the physician and patient.

Most notably, unlike the above mentioned spinal needle manufacturers, Gertie Marx spinal needles have had no FDA Adverse Event Reports or Product Recalls for the last 30 years!

Are you interested in purchasing Gertie Marx needles? Our spinal needles are fully stocked and all orders ship within 24 hours! To place an order, please visit our website.


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